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Investment Portfolio

Partners. Visionaries.

Media production streamlined by putting recruitment, communication and information into one platform.



Entertainment format

Bringing Eurovision, the biggest TV show in the world, to the rest of the world.

This is musical entertainment on a whole new level.



Digital Platform for the Entertainment Industry

Stockholm Syndrome



An international production company based in Los Angeles - creating, financing and delivering international high end entertainment



Next Generation Robotics

Exechon is committed to providing the most advanced Parallel Kinematic Machine technology capable of transforming manufacturing processes and adapting to integrated factory workflows.
The Exechon XMini is the first Machine Tool Robot in the world made in carbon fiber, with unique capabilities such as high Material Removal Rate (MRR) & Accuracy.
The XMini stands for a paradigm shift in automation, with the flexibility & dynamics of robots in combination with stiffness & accuracy of machine tools.

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Dynamic Event Software

Your way is the right way! Virtual, hybrid or onsite events, Twebcast is the most dynamic all-in-one platform out there and will powerfully support any idea you might have. Totally customizable for you and your clients event dreams.

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Large Screen Digital Communication 

Acticom provides sports clubs with automated customized content published on large digital screens. 


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Media Production Tools

Cloud-based asset management, collaboration and feedback tools in one app. Everything is synchronized with collaborators in real-time.

Virtual Star Studios


Next Gen Green Screen Studio

Next generation green screen studio using the latest technology from movie production and game development.



Video Pulishing Platform

Everything you need in order to sell your video content as Pay-Per-View. Upload, set your price and share it with your audience.

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